90s kids lining up for coloring books like this one

lisa frank coloring booklisa frank coloring book
Lisa Frank? If you were a kid in the 90’s you probably do. Frank was the inspiration and creator behind just about every purple pony, sparkling star and swirling rainbow that appeared on your school supplies. Queue flashback!lisa frank coloring book

According to Frank’s Instagram account (warning there are lots of bright colors), she has announced that she will soon be releasing an adult coloring book with a slew of her original sketches. That’s right, grab your gel pens and trapper keepers cause it’s time to hit the nostalgia highway. Even though it was 20 years ago, we can see hoards of 90’s kids flocking to get a taste of their past.

lisa frank coloring pages online
Lisa Frank coloring pages online

The book is scheduled to be released in the next month or so at Dollar General Store and you should stay tuned to their Facebook page for specific details. Most recently, due to the sheer excitement for the announcement, Frank released an Instagram video of the actual book. As she flips through the pages, it appears to have her classic drawing style and colors as well as some hidden gems. The price tag says $3 on the cover. If that’s real, that’s some high priced swag for the Dollar General, but well worth it in our opinion.

But that’s not all in the world of fuzzy bears and dreamy unicorns, Frank also released her own clothing line! Again, she used her Instagram account to make the announcement. The clothing, which is available on RageOn, will sport all of Frank’s memorable sketches on leggings, shirts, sweatshirts and dresses. The cost isn’t bad either ranging from $25 to $60. Warning, you could literally spot someone wearing this clothing a mile away. Though it may be ideal for jogging at night.  

Lisa Frank RageOn Clothing
Lisa Frank RageOn Clothing

So why the move to release an adult coloring book? It has no doubt become a big trend lately, both locally and at the national level. Droves of adults are starting to color and have even created groups around the hobby, similar to book clubs. Frank isn’t the only one latching on to the trend either. The author of Fight Club recently announced an adult coloring book and there’s even a specialized book now available for those in recovery.

Inkspirations for Recovery
Inkspirations for Recovery

At the end of the day, the benefits to coloring have been broadly explored and offers up adults a way to disconnect, unwind, increase creativity and basically take a deep breath and relax. Now, with the release of Frank’s book, we can all do the same – with the added benefits of extreme nostalgia and very, very bright colors.  

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