Foodies Rejoice! Your Coloring Book is Ready

We know, you’ve looked at lots of coloring books yet you’re still searching for something to get you excited.  When you start going through these pages it will be like coming home to the perfect meal. Say it proudly, “I am a Foodie and a Coloring Book Addict.” The two are certainly not mutually exclusive. First you get your fun, delicious foodie pictures to color in, and then you can share your creations with your most beloved Foodie kin. Read on to see what your future holds.

As if the fun pictures to color weren’t enough, we are serving up both digital coloring books! (see the app) and traditional paper as well! Hope you’re hungry.

First up, a melty favorite from Rudy Fig (even her name connotes food) available both in paper and digital from the book Whipped. It seems no one can get enough of this well stacked ice cream cone:

Rudy Fig Icecream cone / phone
Rudy Fig Ice cream cone

Before we move on from Miss Rudy,we would be remiss if we didn’t mention Lovin’ Donuts, available in Whipped as both paper and digital:

Lovin' Donuts by Rudy Fig
Lovin’ Donuts by Rudy Fig

Perhaps most appropriate is the following selection, The Foodie’s Colouring Book: Delicious Adventures in the Culinary World by Alicia Freile & Jess Lomas. Available in paper book format, here.

The Foodie's Colouring Book
Nachos from The Foodie’s Colouring Book

Next up an early harvest with Woodland Christmas: A Christmas Adult Coloring Book by Suzy Joyner, get it here in paper, or from MyPingo as a digital coloring book. Featuring candies, pears, apples and nuts strewn about, it’s a relaxing and tasty break from the world.

Woodland Christmas Suzy Joyner
Woodland Christmas By Suzy Joyner

If you’re a farm to table foodie, this next book is for you. Edible Paradise: An Adult Coloring Book of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables by Jessie Kanelos Weiner is just stunning, featuring the best of farmer’s marketings, a bright patch of strawberries, herbs and honeybees. Get it from Amazon in paper, or download a free page here.

Free Coloring Page by Jessie Kanelos-Weiner
Free Coloring Page by Jessie Kanelos-Weiner

We hope you’ll share your own food themed coloring creations by posting them with the hashtags #FoodiesColoring and #MyPingo.