Happy National Coloring Book Day!

Adult coloring book app

Yes, there’s an official day for coloring books. We aren’t surprised. Lately, the interest by adults in coloring has skyrocketed. In 2015 alone, colored pencil sales increased by more than 26%. Whoa! That’s a lot pencils.

Marked for August 2nd each year, National Coloring Book Day is an opportunity for adults and the like to get together, lay out their pencils, open a coloring book and destress. According to the day’s official site (well, as official as it can be),

“Enjoy a coloring event on August 2nd near you or sponsor your own coloring book party on that, or any other day! Coloring parties are a creative way for adults to reduce stress and spend time with friends — or meet new ones. You can even pick a day each month to simply color by yourself if you prefer.”

coloring party tampa
Coloring Party in Tampa, FL

These parties are all about being able to come together and spread the love for coloring. Places like coffee shops, churches and even homes are destinations for coloring parties. If you’re really interested in joining, do a quick google search in your area, ask around or go on social media and see who’s planning one. We guarantee you’ll find the right party for you. Oh, and if you’re not into the physical coloring book and pencils, think about going digital. There are plenty of coloring book apps, though we prefer MyPingo (psssst, we made it).

MyPingo Coloring Book App
MyPingo Coloring Book App

Once you finish a sketch, it’s all about sharing it with the world. Use #coloringbookday when posting. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a retweet, like or share out of it. Not sure what to color? The official website also has a free mini coloring book. So if you haven’t done it before, jump in – both feet.

National Coloring Book Day could also be a day you see some big news. Remember Lisa Frank? We’ve written about her before as she’s the artist behind the popular 90’s sketches seen on just about every kid’s backpack at the time. The rumor mill says that her big new adult coloring book, based on her work from the 90’s, may be debuting on August 2nd. Is there a day more perfect to do it? Probably not.

Lisa Frank Coloring Book
Lisa Frank Coloring Book

So while August 2nd is the official day, the people behind National Coloring Book Day want you to color all the time! We don’t blame them. Hence why we created MyPingo.