Is The Adult Coloring Fad Over?

No! Oops, sorry for yelling. But seriously, speculation is flying lately that the craze that has swept the nation for the past few years of adults wanting to color may be coming to an end. Where’s this all coming from? Let us explain.

Earlier in the month, with the New Year here, Barnes and Noble released its sales data. For the first time in about 3 years, the company posted a decline in sales. Why? Well, there were several reasons, but one of them was that sales of coloring books and supplies were low. Adding that adults didn’t come out in force like previous years to buy, especially around the holiday season.

So why the decline? We have several theories, which we have mapped out before for you. Are these concrete? Nope. However, they do make you raise an eyebrow and wonder:

More Options

Alternative options outside of coloring books are popping up more and more every day. A few years ago, you’d walk into a store and have the option of coloring books. Classic versions of illustrations one after the other. Today, new ways of coloring are popping up. For example, we’ve discussed what’s beyond the adult coloring craze in the past, which includes options like Dot to Dot Puzzles, Hand Drawn Letters and more. Many of these options aren’t coming from big publishers either. In fact, many of them are coming from independent illustrations who are using platforms like amazon and social media to get their coloring options out there, seen and bought. This theory alone could greatly impact a traditional bookstore like Barnes & Noble.

More Brands

Wow. The continued rollout of major brands with coloring books is astonishing. Any, why not! A brand that owns the rights to any kind of graphic elements can easily turn them into colorable illustrations probably overnight. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a fairly easy decision if there’s the need. We saw this most recently with the popular HBO Series Game of Thrones and several popular consumer media publishers as well. Even more recent, Disney has released a coloring app with its popular movies as illustrations.

More Digital

Lastly, it’s very well possible that the reason traditional coloring books for adults are declining is because more and more of them are discovering the versatility of coloring apps. As the ability to color with devices becomes more advanced, adults may be ditching the coloring books for options such as coloring apps, like MyPingo. If you really think about it, it does make sense. Just like magazines and newspapers moved mostly online, perhaps the adult coloring book is as well. For us, it’s a no-brainer, more tools for coloring, more colors themselves and way, way more illustrations compared to any coloring book or a pack of pencils.