MyPingo Rolls Out Major Updates

New Version of MyPingo

What’s better than version 1.1? Version 1.2! When we first launched we asked our users for feedback. Well, we listened. To our early users, thank you. Today’s new release is a huge update with a completely redesigned user experience and user interface. Our main goal was to reorganize steps to save time and get you coloring quickly! Other updates include Badges, and more ways to earn Pings™, our app currency. Most impressive, you can now use the art you earn or purchase on any registered Apple IOS device. Lastly, saved artwork and coloring pages will load 500% faster thanks to speed improvements.

You’ll also see:

– FREE Sample art

– NO subscriptions, ONLY buy what you want

– NO Advertisements, EVER

– Color with an Apple Pencil, your finger, a stylus or simply “tap and fill” to create GREAT art

-Utilizes the Apple Pencil’s unique pressure sensitive features to create various sized lines and beautiful angles

– Colors apply naturally and intuitively, just as if you were working on paper

– NEW UPDATE Earn Badges and Pings™ for MORE fun while using the app

– The ProKit™ provides MORE tools, MORE undos and UNLIMITED palettes

– “Boundary” selection switch so you can choose to draw or fill WITHIN the lines

– Easy to use ERASER for detail clean up or when you don’t want to use the undo button

MyPingo Prokit
                    MyPingo Prokit


We have added Badges! Here is a sampling of what you will be able to earn (Pings™ too, but for those awards, you will have to discover what levels earn what amounts!)

– Streaks

– Progress

– Shares

– Invitations

– Purchases

– Time

– ProKit™ User

Plus, in recognition of you, our first users, is the limited edition Early Adopter Badge. Hang around long enough and you will find out about other badges including our most prestigious Ambassador level.


No stock images, new coloring books every week. Lots of styles and variety, illustrations are sourced from artists around the world. Content is delivered automatically through a wireless or cellular network. This means no more waiting for a product update for fresh content.

Fresh Content From Top Artists
               Fresh Content From Top Artists


MyPingo is FUN, Easy to use, and the ideal stress reliever. Download now for access to our amazing collection of Adult Coloring Books hand-drawn by some of the coloring world’s most popular illustrators. Choose from tons of brushes, pencils, pens, markers, airbrushes and fills. With unlimited colors and ability to change opacity, you can start having fun right away. Download now for access to our amazing collection of hand-drawn art created by over forty of the coloring world’s most popular illustrators.