These Big Brands Have Adult Coloring Books?


For many people, when they think of coloring books they think of what their children may like to color. Perhaps it’s Sesame Street, Thomas the Train, or even Care Bears. As the rise of adult coloring continues, the coloring books themselves are expanding and big brands are leading the way.

Today, big brands, such as HBO and National Geographic, have ventured into creating their own coloring books. According to Forbes, action star Jean Claude Van Damme has his own adult coloring book! However, the big brand’s entering the space doesn’t stop there.


Last year, Game of Thrones released its own coloring book and it was published by Random House with illustrations by George R. R. Martin. Other illustrators involved included Yvonne Gilbert, John Howe, Tomislav Tomić, Adam Stower, and Levi Pinfold, according to Culturess. This year, we are getting another version of the Game of Thrones adult coloring book and surprise, surprise it’s just in time for the holidays. This version is different than last years and includes more than 60 pages of illustrations ranging from characters to the Seven Kingdoms.

Most recently, Crayola, the company known for making crayons for children, has teamed up with Brit & Co to create a 78-page adult coloring book called Pattern Play. The illustrations were crowdsourced from the online communities of Brit & Co as well as 99 designs, according to Fortune. With a focus on Pop Culture, the book will run you $9.99 and is available at Target, both in store and online.


Brands jumping into the adult coloring ring is no real surprise. In 2014, more than 1 million adult coloring books were sold. In 2015, the number was at 12 million. Our partner, Blue Star Publishing knows this all too well. It’s why we have partnered with them and their illustrators to bring you MyPingo, the adult coloring app with hundreds of illustrations to choose from daily. Download and check it out today!