What Do Pokemon Go and the Olympics Have in Common?


You can’t go 10 seconds without seeing something online about either Pokemon Go or the Olympics. But what in the world could the two remotely have in common? No, we aren’t talking about tracking down Pokemon in Olympic sized swimming pools. We’re pretty sure the Olympians are too busy for that. Rather, the two online phenomenons have one interesting thing in common – adult coloring books.

The Pokemon Go trend has taken the world by storm, but while many are walking around with their heads in their phones, many others are opening Pokemon coloring books. Everyone from Amazon to Barnes & Noble have a coloring book option for Pokemon. A simple search on Amazon returns more than 50 books alone. Not surprisingly, Google returns more than 1,000,000.pokemon_coloring

The above is an example of some of the Pokemon coloring books available. As you can see, they are pretty detail oriented and sure to test any adult coloring book enthusiasts skills. While the Pokemon series has been around for a long time, it’s interesting to see how based on something that’s trending in society that these coloring book options start to surface more regularly. We’ve noticed that if something is popular online today, it tends to turn into a coloring book fairly quickly.

As for the Olympics, without fail the adult coloring books are starting to appear here and there. The Heckler, a TBS online site, posted an adult coloring option dubbed “Abandoned Olympic Stadiums.” While a bit depressing in nature, it still shows that anything trend related can become a coloring book.


A bit more related to the current games, artists and illustrators are profiling all kinds of olympic activities, such as swimming, gymnastics, and more as well as the countries themselves. Here’s a short list of some that we found:

  • The Olympic Games Coloring Book – Illustrated by Bruna Mebs (Walmart: $7.64)
  • Rio Olympics Coloring Book – CreateSpace Publishing (Barnes & Noble: $9.00)
  • Olympic Coloring – Etsy ($1.60)

The options are out there and you even see the non-publishers getting into the mix with single pages for sale via Etsy. Many of which have digital options as well.

With Pokemon Go and the Olympics on everyone’s minds it’s really not surprising that those into the coloring craze will combine the two. How amazing is it to sit down, watch USA compete in the pool, and then turn off the TV and color that same swimmer in a coloring book or on your device. So meta, but we love it!

Oh, and if you’re looking for some amazing sketches outside of Pokemon Go or the Olympics (because frankly we are a little sick of hearing about them too) then check out MyPingo. We offer dozens of adult coloring sketches by the best illustrators – all available on your iPad Pro or other apple devices.