What’s Beyond the Adult Coloring Book Craze?

NOTHING! Just kidding, there is always something that comes next after a craze hits the world. For adult coloring, the final jury is still out, but there are some new kinds of books popping up that just might take the reigns for 2017 and beyond.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new book styles that are being published still focus on adult’s inner children, as well as providing stress relief and tranquility. Even better, many of them still have a focus on coloring or artistic tendencies. Out of all the book styles the WSJ reviewed, the below are the ones we think may become the next big thing:

Dot to Dot Puzzles

Mindless is awesome. It’s one part of coloring that exists. Even though you need to pick what colors you want and what goes best, the action of coloring between the lines is, in fact, pretty mindless and a big reason the stress relief happens. Dot to Dot Puzzles are pretty similar. While you have to pick the colors you use, the action of connecting the numbered dots with those colors is pretty stress relieving. The end result? A beautiful photo emerges after you take the time to go from dot to dot. The WSJ spotlighted the ​“Ultimate Dot to Dot: Extreme Puzzle Challenge” by Gareth Moore, who has created 20 or so of these puzzles for consumption.

Hand Drawn Lettering

In the world of Adult Coloring, you often see illustrations with letters. People inherently like to color in letters and see the words emerge from the illustration. In that same context, hand drawn lettering books have started to emerge as a hybrid to coloring. Similar to having a preset illustration to which you color, the hand drawn lettering books give you a preset illustration of words to sketch and then color in with your colors of choice. Creative Market recently spotlighted 15 of these books, including The Art of Hand Lettering by Helm Wotzkow and Little Book of Lettering by Emily Gregory.

Doodling Time

Another major stress reliever for many people is simply doodling. While not so attached to the adult coloring craze and something most of us have been doing since elementary school, books for doodling are starting to pop up. The idea is that by starting a doodle, the book owner can then finish it with ease. The WSJ once again goes on to spotlight Nate Padavick, “whose own work has a free-wheeling and doodley quality to it, ​is promoted as a way to boost memory and inspire creative confidence.​”

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