You’ll Never Guess Which Celebrities Like To Color

celebrities who love to color

The adult coloring book trend has without a doubt swept the country. Thousands of adults are buying and spending hours coloring. But, when it comes to adult coloring, man wouldn’t expect busy celebrities would be fans, but it would appear that many are taking what limited personal time they have to also color between the lines.

We’ve found a few celebrities that have openly come out and socialized that adult coloring is something they love. And it’s fabulous.

Justin Bieber

The Biebs outed himself on Instagram of all places. The pop-star, with his 75M followers, posted a semi-NSFW pinup girl and noted he spent 30 minutes coloring it. According to US Weekly, he may have picked up the adult coloring book at a Barnes & Noble while on tour. It will be interesting to see if the superstar posts any more of his work. As one of the biggest celebrities on the planet today, Bieber can surely turn more young people and adults into coloring fans.

justin bieber coloring
Justin Bieber posted this coloring page on Instagram

Zooey Deschanel

Actress Zooey Deschanel is also a big fan of adult coloring. Recently, she shared one of her own coloring masterpieces with her nearly 6 million Facebook fans. According to Mother Nature Network (MNN), Deschanel is a big fan of “Secret Garden” and “Enchanted Forest,” two of the most popular books on Amazon last year. A big time actress, Deschanel can’t have much time to color on the side, but we are really glad she has given us a peak to date. Love her!

Zooey Deschanel secret garden coloring book
Zooey Deschanel’s Secret Garden coloring book

Nigella Lawson

A bit of a mystery, but sources say Nigella Lawson, the English journalist, broadcaster, and television personality, is said to be an adult coloring fan. While there isn’t much information out there, it’s said that she may also be a fan of the “Secret Garden” and “Enchanted Forest” series as well. We plan on doing some more digging and seeing if anyone can verify the rumors.

enchanted forest coloring pages
Enchanted Forest Coloring Page

Kim Ki-Bum

It’s not just US-based celebrities loving adult coloring either. South Korean pop star Kim Ki-Bum, who posted an image on Instagram for his 1.6 million followers, it also in the mix. It may also have been “Secret Garden” that made this celeb step forward. Ki-Bum was once a part of the boy band Super Junior and then went on to act. One thing is for sure, he’s got some serious talent when it comes to coloring.

The group of celebrities that have openly admitted to coloring continues to grow and their fans seem to love it. While there’s still a bit of a stigma that coloring is for children only, the facts remain that it’s proven to be a great booster of creativity and even relieving daily stress. Something we know all too well at MyPingo. Our collection of adult coloring books available in our app has given countless adults the ability to color easily whenever and wherever.